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Senior School Sports Awards Night

Another year of great sporting achievements at SSIS has come to a close. To celebrate all the Senior School athletes in grades 9-12 who worked hard throughout the year, the Sports Awards Celebration was held on 20th May at MH campus. “The Sabre Claw” band, consisting of Mr. Crossey, Mr. Kieffer, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Tymstra and student Muhammad Hidhir, opened the event with the rendition of “We Will Rock You” which put everybody in a festive mood. During the song the fierce, furry, still nameless Sabres mascot danced his way onto the stage to everyone’s delight. All name suggestions will be gratefully accepted.

It was a night of celebrating students’ participation in sports of volleyball, cross country, basketball, soccer, badminton, touch rugby and track and field. Each team had a student player give a short summary of the season, which was a perfect opportunity to re-live all those exciting and hard-fought moments of the year. Awards were given to The Most Improved Player, The Most Valuable Player, Committed to Excellence and The Player’s Player, as voted for by all the team members.


The Sabre crew members helped decorate the hall with fabulous posters, balloons, fairy lights and a wonderful display of team shirts. They also prepared a photo montage of all the games and events, and presented FUN Awards, voted for by the students, such as Best Save, Fanciest Player, and Best Assist. The award for Best Coach went to Mr. Nilan who said: “I am so humbled to receive this award as I really didn’t expect it. I was just one of many coaches who were equally deserving of it. This award is for all of us.“

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Sports Personality of The Year was awarded to female players Krystal Teo and Cherlyne Wang. The male recipients were Joshua Whitely and Reiji Arikawa. Whitely said: “Being awarded the Sports Personality of the Year, together with Reiji Arikawa, came as a total surprise to me.  I am very happy and I had a lot of fun playing the sport this year and I’ve had a lot of fun this evening!”

As the band struck up the last tune of the evening, all the guests got up to dance. Mr. Nilan added his tenor saxophone to the brass section, Kinji Arikawa added beat box beats and Muhammed Hidhir sang Treasure, by Bruno Mars. Hidhir was another winner of the evening and he admitted to “being totally committed to the Sabres Crew.  Once a Sabre, always a Sabre!”

Thank you to SISAC Coaches for your hard work and commitment to making the seasons both successful and memorable. Mr. Duffie, Mr. Nilan, Mr. Randy, Mr. Chen, Mr. Rampton, Mr. Harpal, Ms. Katie, Mr. Tin, Mr. Donagher, Mr. Ugolini, and Mr. Day.  An extra big thank you to the SSIS community for all of the support this year.


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