Published on September 23rd, 2016 | by katrina_mcclure


A new Sabre Tradition

We’ve started a new tradition on our SSIS SISAC teams.  To encourage our players to watch their teammates and communicate more we have recruited Sabre trophies! Each will be given as special player recognition.  After each game the player that received the Sabre of the game award previously will pass it on to a deserving teammate.  It should be someone that they think played well during that game for one specific reason.  The new recipient gets to keep the Sabre with them until the next game.  It is a nice way for the players to communicate to each other what they saw in a game.  It is important to hear from their peers how they are doing as well and not always Coach and teacher feedback.  We hope that all of the teams will enjoy taking on the new tradition and each recipient will feel the appreciate from their team.

Let’s go SSIS Sabres!! Remember…Once a Sabre, Always a Sabre.


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