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SSIS Basketball Teams Shine in ACAMIS Tournament

A basketball player, and a journalist, Arundhati Gore (Grade 9) reported on the ACAMIS basketball tournament in Guangzhou.



Last week, two SSIS teams competed in the ACAMIS Black Division Basketball Tournament hosted by Nansha College Preparatory Academy in Guangzhou. Our teams had a very exciting weekend of travelling, playing games, meeting with other schools and bonding together through this new experience. Our boys team finished in 6th place and our girls finished as Champions; in the FIRST place! It is our hope that our whole SSIS community can share in the excitement and celebration through photos and quotes.



“This tournament was not only about us competing with other schools. The opportunity allowed each and everyone of us to truly bond, like a team, like a family. Teams were cheering for each other both on and off the court. Players met other players. As a senior student, I want to give everything I have in this ACAMIS tournament because there may not be another opportunity like this for me. I know I have to fight hard and do as much as I can to contribute to the team because I want to be responsible to my teammates. To the juniors, I want to say don’t be intimidated, as long as you put in the hard work of training, the results will show. The process of working together as a team and being better for each other is more important than anything, even the result.” – Cherlyne Wang from Grade 12.





“During the 3-day tournament we trained, cheered, laughed and cried together. The tournament went by too quick.” – Jing Wen New from Grade 9


The girls team lost only one game out of five in the round robin play. After a good rest, they were ready for the semi-final game of 2nd place vs 4th place. The girls had a big win to secure a spot in the Championship game. The excitement was high and everyone was watching as we fell behind by 2 points with one minute left. They stayed strong, trusted each other, kept their heads level in their free throws and went back into the lead for the tournament win!!! Our Sabres ladies brought home another gold!



Captain Tim Lee, Grade 12 said, “ACAMIS Guangzhou was the result of the combination of heart, sweat and tears that wrapped up in a hard fought double overtime! We started this trip lacking determination which led to early losses. However, this team overcame challenges and formed a tight bond within. As the journey approached the end, we displayed tremendous tenacity and will on both ends of the court with solid defense and offense. We supported one another after each loss, reflected and stood right up. Losing is just a process that teaches us how to win. This ACAMIS trip was filled with invaluable memories and formed relationships for a lifetime.”



Our thanks go to Coach Chen Zhanghao with the girls team and Coach Harpal Manhas with the boys. Your hard work and dedication to the teams are greatly appreciated. We hope you have enjoyed the season.




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