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Sabre Basketball Camp – Weekend Programme at SSIS

 Let’s hear it from the Coaches!

The Sabre Basketball Camp has been going on for 4 Saturdays and the players have made amazing progress over a relatively short space of time. Each week, they have shown great dedication and commitment, putting 100% effort into everything they do. The camp focuses on developing basic basketball skills and using these skills in modified games. These skills have included dribbling, passing, shooting, footwork and defense, as well as some friendly games and fun challenges along the way.  For the last 20 minutes of each lesson, the players are able to put their newly-learnt skills into a game situation which they thoroughly enjoy.

We asked the players how things are going:

  • “I really enjoy basketball with Mr Rampton because I have learnt lots of new ball handling skills and how to do different things when I’m dribbling the basketball a lot quicker. I have also learnt how to take a shorter time to shoot the basketball with Nicki” – Tommy, Grade 5
  • “I learnt how to do a lay-up!” – Jade, Grade 5
  • “Basketball camp has been so good.” – Ulala, Grade 4
  • “We have had a lot of fun and learnt new things.  Also, we really like the new uniform!” Megan, Grade  4

The players are growing in confidence every week and are developing an all-round knowledge of the game of basketball. Ask any player attending the camp and they will be able to tell you what B.E.E.F. stands for and how it helps them with their game. The camp has brought together players from across campuses and different grade levels to learn and play the exciting game.  We as coaches are looking forward to the remaining sessions in the first 6-week block. We hope that we can continue to offer this basketball camp experience to even more SSIS students in the future. Go Sabres!

Coaches – Tony & Nicki Rampton

Programmes: Grade 3 – 5 (8.30am – 10.00am) and Grade 6 – 8 (10.00am – 11.30am) for our SSIS students

  • 6 weeks starts April 15th –  May 27th  No lesson on May 13th.
  • 6 weeks new participant fee = RMB1080
  • 6 weeks returning participant fee = RMB950 (no new jersey)

* Registration will close on Sunday, April 9th. Fees should be submitted to SSIS Finance Office on Monday, April 10th between 8.30am – 3.30pm.

When you are ready to register, please click the following link:

周末篮球训练营 —— 来自教练的心声!



  • 五年级的Tommy说:“我特别喜欢和Mr Rampton一起打篮球,因为我能学到很多运球技巧,如何在快速控球的同时做出其他动作,并且我还从Nicki教练那里学到如何在短时间里进行投篮。”
  • 五年级的Jade说:“我学会了单手上篮。”
  • 四年级的Ulala兴奋地回答:“篮球训练营太棒了!”
  • 四年级的Megan说:“我们非常享受这段快乐时光,我们学到很多新东西。另外,我们太喜欢新运动服了!”


教练:Tony & Nicki Rampton

项目: 3-5年级 (上午8.30-10.00) ;6-8年级 (上午10.00-11.30)(仅向我校学生开放)
时间:6周,4月15日-5月27日 (5月13日没有)




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